Experience the Vibrancy of the Sacramento Valley Station

Open Station Embracing the Public Realm

Flora Shop Enhancing the Biophilic Environment

Pop-Up Retail in the Vibrant Transit Plaza

The Biophilia Story of the Living Community Challenge

Active recreation opportunities are available to community members through ball courts and outdoor fitness equipment

Sacramento Valley Station seeks to provide and enhance habitat onsite for native species such as the Purple Martin and Swanson’s Hawk

A community garden with raised beds for residents to cultivate food on-site

Carefully placed trees to mitigate urban heat island effect by providing shade, cooling and cleaner air

Occupants' wellbeing will be promoted through incorporation of natural systems, patterns and elements in design

Transit-Oriented-Community Advocating for Sustainability

Regenerative Utility Center for Wastewater Treatment and Energy Generation

PV Panels and Green Roof 

Open Roof for Stormwater Treatment

Regenerative Utility Center in the Heart of the Public Realm

Water Tanks as Interpretive Features in the Transit Plaza

Wastewater Treatment Process Shown for Education Purposes

Cafe to Activate the Transit Plaza

Energy Generation Facilities with Noise Mitigation Device

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