A New Model for Urban Living

Sacramento Valley Station Area Plan is bringing transit-oriented development and sustainability together.

Our Intent

Sacramento Valley Station has become a center of gravity for new planning initiatives and investment. While the existing station is served by many transit providers, it lacks the seamless efficiency of a successful multi-modal hub. Meanwhile, the surrounding area is burgeoning with planning initiatives, investment, jobs and new residents, but no cohesive strategy for supporting the coming transit demands. This is a catalytic project that will guide the transformation of the site into a sustainable regional mobility hub within a connected, vibrant and walkable community, where people take center stage. The plan anticipates the future increases in surrounding land values generated by a high-profile regional transportation hub with the development of high-intensity, mixed-use projects, new community amenities and, more broadly, by strengthening the connections between Old Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento, and the emerging Railyards District to the north.

Inclusive Experience

Focusing on user experience, the primary goals of this initial phase were to catalyze growth in downtown Sacramento with a walkable, livable district and develop a robust network of alternative modes, eliminating on-site parking demand for transit users and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Goals & Objectives​

Create an innovative, inclusive, equitable and holistic transportation hub that is an example of urban sustainability and resilient design


Provide ease of connectivity to, from and through the Station and Station area.


Prioritize the health and well-being of the site and the residents.


Create a civic landmark and a welcoming gateway to the city.

User Experience

Showcase the culture and identity of Sacramento. Enable a diverse mix of uses and activities.


Targeting achievement of the ambitious Living Community Challenge, the Area Plan goes beyond conventional sustainability approaches to attain regeneration of resources and net-positive community impact.

Public Engagement

Local communities are the most important partners we had integrated in the process. The city of Sacramento and the Perkins&Will-led design team developed strategies to make Sacramento an affordable and vibrant place.

Explore the Area Plan

The Sacramento Valley Station Area Plan is now available to the public with the links below.